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MYLINE_SYSTEM rappresenta una evoluzione e al contempo una rivoluzione nel panorama illuminotecnico MADE IN ITALY: rivede il concetto di apparecchio luminoso led, lo smonta e lo rimonta, fino a scoprirne nuovi elementi.

Percorsi a luce diretta integrati nella struttura del soffitto e delle pareti. MYLINE_SYSTEM è la soluzione modulare per innovative architetture luminose.


Light is one of the most powerful emotional elements for interior and exterior design. Good light can not only enhance a room or building, but also convey positive feelings – bad light, on the other hand, can degrade attractive spaces. Lighting quality plays a central role here. But the issue of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important.


The Highway system has been developed by General Contractor Lighting as the result of a commission for the creation of a new 22,000 M2 commercial headquarters, with spaces accommodating a Head Office and exhibition area. Due to an increased fire risk, it was requested that IP40 grade protection be part of the lighting apparatus.


Light, the noblest of the elements, is the only element that allows us to perceive spaces and shapes by revealing the nature of things.
Glip accompanies the best architects and designers to illuminate their ideas by combining technology and masterly craftsmanship in new sources of light.


“At times it is a suffering for the designer, but in front of certain situations, where the past has the right to represent itself, the Architect has to be quiet. For this restoration the design element has not been revolutionary, but very conservative in order not to cause lack of information, of signs.”

Arch. Tobia Scarpa


“Architecture must amplify light, Establish an empathic relationship Between man, space and illumination.”

Arch. Cecilia Olivieri


“The project tries hard to remain simple and coherent in its guide lines, limiting itself to few materials adopted for the event. The new structure has turned into an important nodal point, both from the physical and the moral point of views, demonstrating that not always screaming is necessary in order to be heard”.

Studio Marastoni Ingegneri e Architetti Associati


“This experience has enriched itself with a depth of a thousand shades, which have contributed to the professional growth of all the designers and professionals. These have flowed into the expected result: the new museum within the rediscovered palace.”

Arch. Antonella Milani


“We wanted to create an architectural design of strong symbolic and emotional value”

Arch. Edoardo Pandolfo

“Architectural design that respects its environmental setting, structurally-daring, rigorous in its style and formal choices”

Engr. Maria Possamai